What's going on with the alpacas today?
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What’s in A Name?

July 26, 2013

I have nine alpacas – seven girls and two boys. The girls are as follows:

Angel Dust
Butterscotch Krimpet
Apple of My Eye
Bella of the Ball

The boys:

Now some of these alpacas were not named by me, but regardless they all seem to fit their names. For example, Angel Dust is just as sweet as can be. She is the kind of alpaca that you can even give her a shot and she will stand still for you. She is just an angel!

Then we have Amore – she certainly lives up to her name as well. She is so docile. She will cush (lay down) for you and you could pet her all day long. A true sweetheart.

Now some alpacas have names that were given more with their color in mind. Like Butterscotch Krimpet, she has that kind of coloring in her fiber. Even still, she is sweet like her name.

And here’s one for you – Belinda. That name may invoke an image of a strong or tough girl. Well, that’s our Belinda. She is VERY strong and feisty, especially when she is pregnant. Even though she is our oldest girl, she is still the toughest.

Annie, well she doesn’t seem to have anything in her personality per se that is tied to her name, but when she was born she had cute freckles on her nose so my mom named her Annie.

Apple of My Eye seems to me she is still developing her personality. She used to seem stand offish, but now she is becoming more like her mother, Amore. And she is still very close to her mom so I guess that makes her the apple of Amore’s eye too!

Then last but not least for the girls is Bella of the Ball. Although she is not full grown yet, she is coming into her own. She loves to “dance”. When it comes time to get hosed down because of the heat, she leaps in the air on her back legs so I can spray her belly and she kind of dances for me.

On to the boys – Awesomeness’s name is kinda of ironic. He has awesome fiber, but not so awesome in the sense that he won’t be used for breeding purposes. Poor thing only has one testicle 🙁 That’s ok though because he makes up for it in fiber. He has beautiful white fiber. Simply lovely. We just don’t talk about the other thing!

Q is our teddy bear. He is a lover and hopefully he will get to prove that to one of our girls next year. We named him after Q from Mission Impossible. He doesn’t invent cool gadgets but he is curious and since he is true black, he can be stealthy. Try to find a black alpaca in the dark!

Whew, that was a lot of info on our herd. I hope you like this little sum up of everyone’s name and how that relates to them as individuals. Now if only I could get them to keep their name tags on! That’s a story for another day.