What's going on with the alpacas today?
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The daily routine

July 23, 2013

Every day starts about the same…
Hook up the drinking water hose and head on down to the alpaca pasture. Get some hay for the boys and the girls, about a quarter of a bail for the morning feeding total. The boys of course follow me to where the hay is stored. They’re very anxious to get their first little nibble of hay. Usually it doesn’t even get into my hands before Q grabs the first bite. So I proceed to give the boys their share and take the remainder of what’s in my hands over to the girls. Their reaction is much the same as the boys. They like to see who can get the first bite and with seven girls that can be fun to watch. It reminds me of a mob of women at a clearance sale. Do you have that vision in your head? LOL
Once everyone has their hay I go over to check their water. Twice every day they must have their water checked and cleaned if necessary. It is very important that they have enough clean water for the day. Each alpaca drinks less than a gallon of water but I make sure they have at least that much just in case. You may have noticed that I said the first thing I do is hook up the drinking hose in the morning and that’s because I don’t have running water down to the pasture yet. In the meantime I am using hoses that are safe for drinking water. The same kind that you would use with a RV hook up. Using this kind of hose insures that they don’t get lead in their drinking water. And also this kind of hose helps to deter a bacteria buildup as well. After everyone has their hay and their water is good to go for the day, that’s about it for the morning. When it all goes well and smooth it only takes about fifteen minutes.

Now on to the afternoon… The routine is much the same as the morning with the exception of feeding the alpacas their grain. The alpacas absolutely LOVE their grain. I can’t emphasize that enough. When they see that bag of grain in my hand, oh my you just have to see it to believe it. They know I have it and they really want it! They will follow me wherever I go when that grain is in my hand. The grain is like a vitamin supplement for them but in addition to that it’s also very tasty, kind of like a granola bar. So they really look forward to this every afternoon. Everybody gets to have about one cup of grain and then they get the next round of hay.

Now ya know what a day at the alpaca farm entails. Twice a day I get to spend about 15-20 minutes feeding and caring for my babies. And just like human parents that never stop viewing their children as their babies, that’s I feel about my alpacas. They will always be my babies no matter how old they get. And even when they get sold to another farm, they will always hold a place in my heart.