What's going on with the alpacas today?
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Do alpacas mind the rain?

August 1, 2013

In a word – YES. And it isn’t necessarily why you might think. They don’t really enjoy being wet, which is totally understandable, but I think my alpacas get bored. Kind of like a kid. They are stuck inside with nothing to do and sometimes they even seem a bit pissy because they have been stuck with each other all day, or worse days! Since they want to stay dry, they stay in and just lay around. Not that that they do much else on any other day mind you, but when the shelter is only big enough to house them, it doesn’t lend for much room for personal space. Just imagine how you get when you are stuck inside the house for days during a snow storm with little to do and your family members are bored too. The walls get really small sometimes, right? Well, my alpacas get like that too. The girls act like they are on each other’s nerves and can’t wait for the weather to break so they can go outside and have some space to themselves. They will spit at each other kind of randomly it seems. “Hey, get out of my face! Your butt stinks.” Or, “Why do you keep getting so close to me? Did you see that? She’s in my spot!” Sometimes they will even chance getting wet just to get a break from each other. Even if that means laying in the mud. Apparently that’s better than putting up with each other sometimes. The really funny part about the whole thing is, just like us and our family that drives us nuts, they are quick to forget the annoyance. The sun comes out and they lay next to each other and enjoy the company again.

I suppose all of this is just my observation of their behavior and it could way off base, but that’s how I see it. I often have been accused of giving my animals “words”. Never thought about it that way, but I guess that’s not normal. Do you give your animals words?