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Crabgrass Anyone?

July 7, 2014

I now love crabgrass! No, really I do. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is true.

I have two paddocks where my alpacas spend most of their time and I can’t get grass to grow in there. We tried, but to no avail. With animals always eating and walking on it, the grass just doesn’t stand a chance. Then I remembered that I heard how great crabgrass is for alpacas and your pasture at a seminar years ago. First I thought I would try to get some crabgrass seed, but that was both funny and expensive. When I asked my local feed store, they laughed at me, as I suspected that they would. I mean who purposely plants crabgrass? Usually it is hated and people try everything to get rid of it and here I am asking for seed. Once we stopped laughing about the irony of it, they told me they don’t carry it. So I went to the internet of course and I found seed, but can you guess how much it was? A fifty pound bag was $500!!! Whoa – I thought nobody wanted this stuff? Apparently I was wrong. I mean if you Google crabgrass, from the third hit on, all of the information about crabgrass is how to kill it!

However, it is highly recommended for pastures since it grows well under difficult situations. It is also very tolerant of being eaten low to the ground. Well, needless to say, I was not about to shell out $500 for something we all want to get rid of. That’s when it hit me – I have a vegetable garden that just so happened to have lots of crabgrass growing in it that I did not want there, but I DID want it in my pasture. So what do you suppose came next? – Yup, you got it, I transplanted crabgrass. I never thought I would be doing that.

I started with a small section in the boys pasture to see how it does. This is funny too, because as I was prepping the area with moveable gates so they couldn’t eat it until it had a chance to root, they went after the bucket of soon to be transplanted grass. Well, at least I know they like it! Now I have to wait a few weeks and see if my plan works. If it does, you know what I will be doing for months to come – transplanting crabgrass!