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Belinda Meets the Vet

October 14, 2013

Our oldest girl, Belinda, was having a bad morning. She was obviously in pain. Laying on the ground, not eating, and she seemed to be limping. Not a good way for anyone to start their day – for her or me 🙂 I watched her for a while, tried to give her some grain, and then I decided I needed help. I called everyone I could think of that may be able to help me figure out might be wrong with her. No one answered my calls even though it was 8am. I started to worry. She seemed soooo uncomfortable. Was it her leg? Did I hurt her during routine shots the day before? She’s 11 years old so it could be a bad hip or leg. After an agonizing 45 minutes, I got a call back from the vet. She was only 20 minutes away so she said she could be right over. I was glad to meet her for the first time and get to know her a bit. She was very good and gave Belinda a full exam. Her assessment was that Belinda had a bad reaction to the routine dewormer. Perhaps because of her age and maybe from a presence of parasites. Apparently the dewormer can make them have some intestinal discomfort if it is flushing out parasites. Thus why she was laying on the ground trying to get more comfortable. A shot of pain reliever/anti-inflammatory did the trick. Within 10 minutes Belinda was eating and visibly happier. Going forward I have the medicine on hand in case a similar issue arises.

What a relief!! I was so glad that this encounter turned out to be a simple fix, a chance to meet my vet and not a huge bill. Good all around. Now I am armed with more knowledge. Every time I deal with my animals’ health I get the opportunity to learn more about them. I feel closer to them and I feel like I know them better.